Celebrating British Sandwich Week 2024

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Artisanal Bread: The Key Ingredient for Sandwich Week 2024

From the 20th until the 26th of May 2024, there is a lesser-known event worth celebrating if you’re fond of British culinary snacks. British Sandwich Week is an annual event that recognises the nation’s love affair with the humble sandwich and the delight it brings. It’s also important to recognise the contributions that the sandwich industry makes to the UK economy and all the interconnected supply chains that make everyday sandwich creation and purchasing possible.

From traditional cucumber sandwiches on wholemeal bread and Coronation chicken baguettes to hearty bacon butties and everything in between, sandwiches hold a special place in British culture, offering convenience and comfort in every bite. At Panificio Italiano, we’re proud to play a part in this tradition, supplying high-quality bread products to businesses and the hospitality industry across the UK. Many of our customers – such as bars, restaurants, cafes, and supermarkets – and our other partners are rightfully being recognised by the British Sandwich & Food to Go Association.

As a family-run wholesale bakery with a rich Italian heritage, we are always proud to bring an artisanal touch to every loaf, marrying traditional craftsmanship with innovative breadmaking techniques.

The Art of Sandwich-Making

Sandwiches come in all shapes and sizes, from classic British staples like cheese Ploughman’s to inventive, unique creations.

According to recent surveys, the nation’s favourite sandwiches range from the timeless ham and cheese and egg mayonnaise sandwiches to more adventurous options like tuna and sweetcorn, BLT (bacon, lettuce, and tomato), and prawn mayonnaise. However, everybody is different, and that’s what makes sandwiches so great; they are convenient and versatile for people of all ages and with different taste preferences.

However, we firmly believe that what truly sets a sandwich apart is the bread it’s made with. Bread quality, density, and taste can make or break an entire sandwich. At Panificio Italiano, we understand the importance of using high-quality bread to elevate every bite of the humble sandwich, whatever the filling.

How Our Bread Selection Elevates the Sandwich Experience

Our diverse range of bread products caters to every palate and occasion. Whether you’re craving the rustic charm of ciabatta or the buttery sweetness of brioche, we have the perfect bread solution that will allow you to enhance your sandwich creations from ‘great’ to ‘mouthwatering’, ‘delicious’, and ‘exquisite’.

Here are just some of the many bread products that we create here at our diverse and expansive breadmaking factory in Berkshire.

  • Ciabatta: With its hearty texture and chewy crust, ciabatta adds a rustic Italian flair to any sandwich, especially paninis.
  • Loaves and bloomers: Handcrafted Italian bloomers and loaves made from sourdough, cob, or rye, create a soft and fluffy interior with a crusty exterior.
  • Focaccia: Infused with Mediterranean olive oil and topped with rosemary and herbs, focaccia brings a burst of flavour to any sandwich.
  • Brioche: Buttery, sweet, and light brioche rolls and subs contain a glazed crust, making each bite of a sandwich utterly divine.
  • Rolls: Classic white, brown, seeded, sourdough, Kaiser and multigrain bread rolls can be shaped in a variety of sizes and textures to make your sandwich truly unique.

We also have an experienced product development team in-house who can work with your establishment to create customised bread products bespoke for you.

Tips for the Perfect Sandwich

Enhance your sandwich experience with these final tips

  • Use quality condiments: Elevate your sandwich with gourmet condiments like pesto or spicy aioli to offer another level of flavour.
  • Blend the textures: Balance crunchy and soft ingredients for a satisfying mouthfeel with every bite.
  • Spread condiments evenly: Distribute your condiments and toppings evenly across both slices of bread for maximum flavour.
  • Warm up your proteins: Release the flavours of your proteins by warming them up before assembling your sandwich.

Consider Artisanal Bread for Your Sandwiches

This British Sandwich Week, step up your sandwich game with Panificio Italiano’s artisan bread products. Whether you’re sampling local sandwich shops or offering a diversified sandwich menu, our diverse bread selection is sure to impress and turn any experience from standard to elite.

Join us in recognising the sandwich industry this May and discover the difference that quality bread can make. Contact us today to see how we can become a wholesale bread supplier you can rely on for authentic Italian-style experiences in the UK. Buon appetito!

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